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I'm strange because i'm in a time when the revolution i was born to be a part of has not yet come into being. PS I have 2 blogs this is for my personal use and the other I use to highlight that this country is not equal or free please check it out

recipies  Tibetan Buddhism: A Journey to Nirvana  

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Today, due to recent declines, U.S. crime rates have dipped below the international norm. Nevertheless, the United States now boasts an incarceration rate that is six to ten times greater than that of other industrialized nations16—a development directly traceable to the drug war. The only country in the world that even comes close to the American rate of incarceration is Russia, and no other country in the world incarcerates such an astonishing percentage of its racial or ethnic minorities.

Michelle Alexander, The New Jim Crow

This book is really great so far. 

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