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someone shared this on facebook and it’s just 100000000000 kinds of wrong and omfg apparently i can’t escape fandumb even when i’m not on tumblr

but it actually reminded me of this phenomenon i’ve been seeing in the fandom lately - that praise for asami is so often accompanied by derision/hate for korra


why is that

they’re both amazing, just in different ways

people who hate and deride korra wow please stay pressed as you continue to sit and watch children’s tv show “the legend of KORRA” with steam exploding out your fucking ears sorry she is unapologetically fucking amAZING and you can’t even stand it sorry you can’t just love the female characters and need to invent a competition where there is none because they are both remarkable young ladies

hey guys, remember when I said that pale, conventionally beautiful, traditionally feminine Asami is defended by fandom 10x more than Korra and the feminists around here are much more dedicated to defending her?

and that when Asami’s sad everyone is like ohhhh poor baby but Korra cries and gets some bullshit about learning ~inner strength~ and a graphic of Kyoshi beating her for being weak is circulated heavily around tumblr? 

and that both these girls deserve love and sympathy but only one gets it and there is an increasingly clear reason why?

it’s more relevant than you think.

what the fuck

is this actually serious who made this

who are you and what is your problem

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    what the fuck is this actually serious who made this who are you and what is your problem
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    I wonder if they see the same thing I see. I think the person who made this image(whoever they are) needs to rewatch the...
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    Why does that image even exist? The last bullets are really insulting, especially to these “fat fangirls” and the...
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